Review: Martin Signature D-420


Happy 4/20! Martin wanted to celebrate too and created this monster D-420 signature edition Dreadnought acoustic guitar. I just so happen to have one in studio and have decided to strum out some of my favorite Willie Nelson tunes on it in celebration.


The Look

What can be said about the whimsical top finish illustration by artist, Robert Goetzl. It looks like I slapped a bunch of pot leaf stickers on a Martin, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I guess, but definitely suits a specific demographic.
Mahogany back and sides with that pot-covered Sitka spruce top, all look great as a good Martin should. I’m really bummed this doesn’t feature some hemp wood or fiber variant as the headstock or something, but forget the novelty, the guitar looks great.


The Feel

Martin invented the Dreadnought shape, so they are used to getting it right. This guitar is big and feels like the most traditional dread-bodied models all wrapped into a pot-loving exterior. The neck is of “low oval” shape and feels just right when fretting campfire tunes… in a skyscraper in Chicago.
It features an ebony fingerboard and bridge for extra “high-performance” acoustic guitar features.


The Tone

This guitar, no matter how it looks or what message it gets across, sounds great; a truly rewarding acoustic experience. The low-end booms out of the dread-body and the mids punch though with fine definition and clarity. Leaving the highs just enough room to round out the tone with enough sustain to fill the sonic space in any folk song.
Along with most acoustic guitars, this one has to be played to be believed. I wasn’t getting the same impression from a recording as I was with it actually in my hands, and feeling each sustained note through the body.

The Recommendation

This guitar is for Willie Nelson.


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